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This is a collection of projects that don't exactly fit any of the other categories. They are random and unpredictable, kind of like me! Since I am so fond of working on things, this list could include pretty much anything...

Large LED-Lit Seven Segment Display

When I needed a large timer display for a quiz game controller project, I was floored at the cost of buying them. With efficiency and low cost in mind, I set out to build my own using only a few LEDs and other common household items.

2001 Buick Instrument Panel Cluster Fix

After noticing the odometer/tripometer and transmission indicator were not lighting up in our car, I took the IPC apart and found a group of resistors that were actually decaying. They were replaced with four 150Ω resistors, and the panel has worked correctly ever since.

Why the Sun and Moon Look the Same Size

This is a short comic I made in response to this gem from The Oatmeal in hopes that he would keep his word and 'like' my page on Facebook. Well, that and I was fighting the urge to go to bed like normal people do at 3am.
Custom Large LED lit seven segment display

Sun and Moon Comic response to the Oatmeal