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Who hasn't taken a brand new VCR and torn it apart? I've done my fair share (and then some) of demolishing and can say without hesitation that the break down is almost always more fun than the rebuild. With that in mind, the goal of these projects is not so much to destroy something that exists, but to add much desired functionality to it. After all, what good is being an engineer if you can't at least customize the things you are too lazy to design and build yourself?

6V Lantern LED Upgrade

I took this standard 6V camping lantern and extended it's light output time by almost 25% with a custom LED bulb. I also did away with the alkaline batteries in favor of rechargable D cells and a port to easily connect the lantern to my smart charger for a quick recharge. The future of camping has never been so bright!

32' Coachman Chaparral Fifth Wheel Trailer

During our travels this camper has served as our home, but just like any house it has taken a bit of customizing to be more livable. My wife and I have added many new things as well as updating and replacing original furnishings. The hardest thing about living on wheels is the limited storage space, but that has just taught us what is really important in life.

Head Mounted Magnifier

After receiving this device as a gag gift from my wife one year, I decided to replace the lighting system to make it a a useful product. I combined the two sides to get a larger voltage level and added sixteen ultra bright white LEDs to illuminate whatever I am working on. The finished product works great and gets big laughs from wife whenever I use it.


After a few unsuccessful attempts to create a decent bike light and a few years of flirting with this concept, I finally set out to make the ultimate bicycle lighting system a reality. This package includes dim and bright headlights, taillights, brakes, blinkers, sidelights, and a controller, and is attached to my 26" Micargi Pantera 7-speed beach cruiser.

Tabletop Tree Lights

Being away from home for the holidays is bad enough, but not being able to decorate can really dampen your Christmas spirit! To fight this, I took a cheap garland Christmas tree and added a bunch of LEDs plus a circuit to control the LED blinking speed. This was a great project to eat away at my growing pile of scrap wires.

Olimex Development Board

Although I don't typically use development boards, this is a handy piece of hardware to have lying around. With a few additions and changes to the original circuit, this board from Olimex can go from just handy to pretty invaluable. Not only has a new power scheme bee designed, but multiple connections points and a zero insertion force (ZIF) socket have been added.

High Power Distribution Box Rebuild

At the even planning company I worked for during college, I tasked with a lot of "special tasks," one of which was fixing things that other people broke. One day, a demolished distro box that was run over by a box truck was dropped in my lap. I had it working in no time.