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High Power Distribution Box Rebuild

Back Story

One day after returning to the warehouse from an event, I was pulled aside for a special assignment. Yet again, someone had ran over something in one of the box trucks - this time it was one of the power distribution boxes. These things connected directly to the high current outputs of our generators and provided six separate circuits used for inflatable blowers and other energy hogs.

I always did love a challenge.

The ReBuild

The box itself was pretty much totaled, and all of the breakers and outlets were toast. The whole thing is made of a thick rubber composite for obvious insulating reasons. Since I didn't have any such material lying around, I used plywood and coated it heavily in plastidip - an aerosol plastic spray. This coating on top of the wood provides more than adequate insulation from the circuitry inside. I was able to salvage the top, base, and a few pieces of rubber to hold it all together.

The original box came with lighted circuit indicators above each of the outlets to show what was on and what wasn't. Only one of these worked after the "accident," and I needed something to replace them with. I decided to use the innards of these standard outlet testers to add increased circuit testing functionality. Why, you might ask? Simple - I worked with a lot of idiots. If one of the circuits decided to quit, who knows what one of those yahoos would do to try and get it working. This advanced functionality might have been overkill, but it was well within budget and increased the overall "cool factor" of this distro box.

Rather than bore you with every detail of this build, I have provided the pictures from start to finish. Enjoy the transition from carnage to coolness!

1. Trucks eat boxes for breakfast.

3. The box itself was only partially messed up.

5. The rebuilt box interior.

7. The new circuit breakers.

2. Nothing you see survived.

4. Testing the new circuit indicators.

6. The rebuilt box with the lid in place.

8. The completed distribution box - good as new!