New Furnishings for Additional Comfort

Anyone who has ever stepped foot inside a typical camper knows that they do not have the most stylish of interiors. If anything, they may have been considered somewhat chic in the mid to late 80's, but if the average RV looks anything like ours, then they must all have been modeled after a retirement home. I suppose that is to be expected, but it doesn't mean you can't do something about it.

Given that we live in our camper full time, a complete overhaul was completely out of the question, but a few replacements are definitely in order. Like I've said before, the toughest thing about working in a camper is dealing with the mess. The second thing is trying to get something done without a neighbor complaining about the drilling, hammering, and sawing sounds radiating from your trailer in the middle of the night. During this project, I had to deal with a bit of both.

The Ultimate (Mobile) Work Station
Without question, we had to have a computer desk. Since I would be spending the majority of my time working on various projects, I also needed a place to put my parts and a space to work. 

A Lovely Pair of Chairs
My designated spot in the camper is the rocking chair next to it.

The New, Comfy Couch
My wife lives on the couch. She sits there during movies, she reads there, she sews from there, and it was really getting to her.

A Dinette that Does
With the new couch requiring more space than the old, this absolutely had to be done. And since I had to 

The Storage Step
As it came, this step which bridges the lower living area and the upper bed and bathrooms serves as nothing but wasted space.