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ATmega1284 Projects by KEC


Manufacturer: Atmel - Storefront at Newark
Part Number: ATmega1284P-PU [Datasheet]
Function: 40 Pin (PDIP), 8 Bit Microcontroller
Supplier: Newark - $7.17 - Product Page at Newark
Special Features: 128kBytes Programmable Memory, 4kBytes EEPROM, 16kBytes SRAM, JTAG, QTouch, 2 x 8bit timers, 2 x 16bit timers, 6 PWM channels, In- System Programmable, SPI, TWI, USART, Programmable WDT, Numerous Internal and External Interrupts
Rating: 4.0 / 5
Review Summary: This MCU is a great choice for anyone who has a huge program requiring many I/O pins but doesn't need an ultra fast processor (Max: 20MHz) or some common interfaces such as USB. Anyone familiar with the rich list of AVR device features will immediately be at ease with the capabilities of this large chip.

Out of the box...

There isn't much to comment about this chip. This particular version of the chip is the 40 pin, through hole part. It comes in the 0.6" wide plastic dual inline package (wide PDIP - ATMEL package 40P6). It can be used with a standard breadboard or 40-lead, wide PDIP sockets. 


Like most of the chips in the AVR mega line, this device can be programmed while embedded in a design, although, some hardware considerations to isolate attached circuitry should be used. The common SPI version of the ISP protocol is used. Any standard programmer capable of using this protocol can be used as well as the standard programming software such as Win-AVR, AVRDude, and AVR Studio.

The Bottom Line

IF you are looking for a reasonably priced MCU with a lot of features and I/O pins, this is a great choice. I would like to have seen hardware interfacing for USB, but the data bus options available are nice (SPI, TWI, USART). While this is not the largest chip in the Atmel ATmega product line, it is one of the largest that comes in a through hole package, so it is ideal for use by hobbyists as well as those not capable of using surface mount technologies.