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I really love to design and build robots. The possibilities are limitless in terms of functionality-it all depends on how much imagination and persistence you have. This is a collection of the robots I have worked on. Some are projects from school, but many have been created in my free time. My biggest drawback is definitely programming, but with each new project comes new understanding of how these mechatronic marvels actually think for themselves.

Flora the Flower Girl

Flora is an enormous ongoing project encompassing multiple mechanical and electrical designs. This robot was actually created after a cousin's suggestion at my brother's wedding to build a robot flower girl for my own ceremony. In the initial outing, Flora was controlled by remote operators; however, many control circuits have since been designed for use in future versions.


For my master's project in college, I built Insomniac, so named because I didn't plan on getting much sleep the following two semesters. The base is an aesthetically altered iRobot Create, and attached is a modified five degree of freedom arm from Lynxmotion with a custom end effector.

Autonomous Split Level Omnidirectional Construct

ASLOC was designed and built for my senior project in college. This robot was created to compete in the 2008 IEEE Robotics Conference. Although a few last minute software changes resulting in unexpected behaviour stopped our team from doing very well in the competition, I am very proud of the work I did on this robot.

Mobile Robotics Class

This was an elective I took my senior year in college. The class members were divided into multidisciplinary teams and given new projects every few weeks to put to use what we had been taught in the corresponding lectures.