Project Resources and Links to Helpful Sites

Kurt E. Clothier Resources

Of course, I can't know everything about everything, and I have to get my parts from somewhere. These are useful places I have found on the web. As I discover new and interesting sites, I will add them to this list!

Parts Distributors
Digikey - One stop shopping for parts
Mouser - Digikey alternative
Newark - Parts distributor with community support
Futurlec - Sockets, boards, & switches
Sparkfun - Parts, kits, & tutorials
All Electronics - Surplus parts
Electronics Goldmine - Surplus parts

Robotics Suppliers
Lynxmotion - Kits and various parts
Acroname - Sensors and controllers
Dimension Engineering - Power & motor controllers
Robot Marketplace - Battle bot stuff
Servocity - Motors and Servos
Powerizer - Batteries, packs, and chargers
All Battery - Batteries, packs, and chargers

Online Tools
Online Conversion - Converts (almost) anything to anything
Engineering Calculators - Lots of engineering calculators
Engineering Toolbox - Calculators, tables, and guides
AVR Fuse Calculator - Determines the correct AVR fuse bits
PCB Trace Width Calculator - For PCBs, duh!
MCD To Lumens Converter - Website has lots of LED info
Tutorial Websites
Society of Robots - Robot guides and tools
David Cook's Robot Room - Robotic examples and guides
Instructables - Make, How To's, and DIY
Ladyada - Electronics examples and Guides
EE Stack Exchange - Ask a question, get an answer!

Technology Blogs - News, Resources, & Community
The Robot Report - Tracking robotics in business
Gizmodo - Tracking cool gadgets and projects
Engadget - Product Releases and news
Servo Magazine - Covers robot news
Robot Magazine - Consumer Robot news

Circuit Symbols - Various schematic symbols
American Wire Gauge Table - Find the correct wire gauge
LED Wavelength Color Chart - Get the right color LED

Informative Articles and Pages
Title Pro's Tinkering Guide - Info with additional resources